I believe that we can create a blockchain based application that generates and maintains a dynamic database which will formalize the natural serotonin-based competence hierarchy.
If I am correct the application will make it impossible for tyrannical power to sustain itself.
Equally, I believe the application must only contain fully authenticated users so that trust is an inherent property of the final solution (not a dog whistle) and therefore maximum responsibility of its users is maintained.


The application will periodically ask participants the following question and log their answer in the blockchain.
"Who is best suited to help you achieve what you want in life?"
Nobody must be a possible answer.
I believe the final result of this question will be a blockchain representing a network of various leaders and followers. Some of the networks will be clustered together and others isolated.
The person who is being nominated to be followed must be able to reject the request.
Newborn babies must be defaulted to their parents as leaders and the children must be given their private cryptographic key in a secret fashion at a specified age.
We must make the database publicly available so that everyone in the world can know where they lie within the meritocratic network.
Every person in the network must be authenticated and the software for the application must be both open source and publicly controlled.
Additionally I believe we need to couple this blockchain to a global pubilc cryptocurrency and remunerate users according to an equation similar to the following.

Remuneration = G/(n+1)T
G = Periodic inflationary currency creation
T = Total number of users
n = number of followers

A known flaw in this equation is that it does not include any additional remuneration for the people maintaining the blockchain (miners).
Leaders must be given the option to share a portion of their remuneration with their followers.


I believe that the result of the above will be a system where people with high competence in a given field are financially remunerated for their merit as well as rewarded for the generosity they voluntarily show to others. Additionally, the system will provide a universal basic income to anyone who chooses "nobody" as their answer to the above question and who are not chosen by anyone else.
I hope that my idea, however imperfect, can help to bridge the political gap between the libertarian anarchists who insist that a "no-trust" solution (bitcoin) is the only answer to limit centralized control and the people within central authorities who insist that trust is essential to maintaining public order.

If you would like to know more about my idea or have something to contribute to it please contact me at

Yours Sincerely,
Richard Carr